Here Comes the Guest: What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

what to wear to a wedding

wear the dress you bought for a wedding again

Wedding – Dress: Top Shop | Ring: Tiffany (alternative) | Heels: DSW | Clutch: Handbag Heaven
Work – Sweater: John Lewis | Belt: ASOS | Necklace: Bauble Bar | Boots: Macy’s

Regardless of the season, when I have a wedding to attend, I become starry-eyed.  Weddings are special, and I love a good dress quest.  It’s fun to get fancy – and even better to get dancy!

The Dress Search:  You and 6 expensive, one-time wear frocks are in a dressing room.  Your mother/best girlfriend who came to help with the final decision is in her own fitting room with a bunch of dresses.  She doesn’t even have a wedding to attend.  You’re telling one another how glamorous you look.  The sales associate walks past.  Surprise!  She thinks the dresses are all soooo flattering on you!  Compliments are nice – they boost the self-esteem!  Given your retail induced high, you purchase a wear-it-once dress.  Two weeks after the wedding, you feel like a dunce.  The truth is, you know that dress will never see the light of day again.

Our advice: Try to find a dress that is more of a blank canvas than a showpiece.  Add some stunning jewelry.  Hello, Tiffany sparkler!  Are you lost?  Do you need a home? I’ll save you. Errrr… I mean, there are many alternatives to that ring.  There is also a lovely alternative to those blue suede shoes.  Valentino makes them, and they’re $795!  I refuse to commit to shoes at that price point; but I own a pair of the look-alikes in gold.  I highly recommend them if you have a special event to attend.  They are comfortable dancing shoes!  Have a blast dancing it up with the bride.  In a year or two, she might be expecting and you’ll be wondering what to wear to her baby shower!

Do you dance the night away when you go to a wedding?  Are you dancing right now?  I’m doing a Wednesday dance.  The week is almost over, cha-cha-cha!



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