Red Tag Couture

Style Inspiration: Olivia Palermo in Deconstructed Denim & Red Heels

Image Source | Polish: Butter London | Clutch: Aldo | Jeans: Nordstrom | Blouse: H&M | Shoes: Charlotte Russe

I have never seen Olivia Palermo in anything that makes me question her taste.  She is flawless and effortless.  And, alright, maybe a little bit of a villain.

Trying to channel your inner Olivia?  She’s really classic and chic – it should be easy to snag her style.  Take a look in your closet to see if you can repurpose items you own to replicate her attire.  You probably already have everything you need.  Missing something?  Fill in the blanks with inexpensive Olivia-esque items.  Today’s picks are all under $35!  WHAT?  That’s right.  Thirty-five dollars.  I’m pretty sure you’ll look and feel like a million bucks prancing around town in these great deals!

This weekend, I am going to attempt the look above minus the red shoes.  I purged a pair of red heels years ago and never replaced them; but I do possess a pair of peacock-blue suede pumps. Work with what you have!

Whose style inspires you?