What to Wear to a Wine Tasting

Not sure what to wear to a wine tasting?  Just call your friend and plan to wear the SAME THING!  No, don’t do that.  You’ll look like this:

Wine Tasting A

Completely unplanned.  Fashion soul mates, clearly.  In addition to the similar blouses, Erin and I also had leopard shoes on.  I made a quick belt and shoe change before we left for our adventure.  As you can see from the photo above, Erin is a little more reserved than I am. Oh, nevermind:

Wine Tasting B

I really shouldn’t be posting pictures of myself like this on the internet; but let’s face it, we don’t take ourselves too seriously at Red Tag Couture.

We’ve been attending the Newport Wine & Food Festival with our husbands since 2009.  The tasting takes place on the lawn of the beautiful Marble House.  Most people wear jeans to the tasting, but a casual dress and booties would be equally perfect. You could also go with a red blouse and leopard shoes – no one else will have that on!

We have a surplus of memories from past tastings.  One year, I chased “my husband” down, but when I finally caught up to him he turned out to be another guy in the same coat.  We befriended my husband’s doppelgänger and his wife – wine brings people together.  We also met a British woman who told us she was the inspiration for the song Wild Thing.  And while we cannot verify whether or not any of her claims were true, we have been laughing about “Wild Thing” for years.

This event usually has an abundance of wonderful food and wine, but this year we were not impressed with the selections.  One of the best options at the wine tasting was the tea.  Ajiri Tea passed out delicious samples.  Their handmade packaging and positive message are a tea lover’s delight.  On a less delightful note, many of the vendors had representatives who were sitting behind their tables text messaging.  Awful.  We don’t think we’ll be going back next year.  Instead, we’re looking forward to finding a new fall tradition!

Do you have any favorite fall events that you look forward to every year?



12 thoughts on “What to Wear to a Wine Tasting

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    • Cute or a couple of crazy ladies!?! I think we should just go everywhere in our red blouses – it will take the guess work out of deciding what to wear! Our excuse: We have a blog to promote, haha! 🙂

      • I once knew a guy who wore black everywhere because he didn’t have to think about coordinating colors. I think red would be a much brighter option if you were to wear only one color forever!

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