Lazy Day Chic {Outfit Inspiration}

Lazy Day Outfit

Striped Shirt: J.Crew | Shopping Tote: Zara | Necklace: Baublebar | Cashmere Scarf: H&M | Ankle Booties: Modcloth |Flats: TOPSHOP

Lazy days are few and far between, but when they arrive they’re such a luxury! Though I won’t pretend I’m busier than I am. I can park my couture behind on the couch like a boss. And when I do, I totally own that corner cushion! With my sparkling water by my side, a little lip chappy and the remote control, it’s like the world fades away.

Elastic pants are a must and slippers are a requirement. It’s the law of relaxation.

Then there are those lazy weekend days when you spend your precious off-the-clock hours exploring your own city or boosting the economy with a trip to the mall and you don’t feel like dressing up. ‘Cause really, you did it all week! It’s time for a ponytail and your favorite jeans. You want to look polished, but with minimal mental effort.

I have an outfit saved for days like these. It does wonders for my sanity so I can jump start the day with a BANG, POW!

So here she is: my go-to outfit starts with a slouchy striped t-shirt and ends with walk-friendly shoes — ankle booties or otherwise. The in-between part is up to you. I’m a sucker for a colorful shopping tote and a gold statement necklace to class up the shapeless shirt. Throw in a scarf in case you get chilly.

Et voila, you’re ready to carpe diem with open arms.



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