This Must Be the Place: Prints Under $50

Love Builds a Happy Home

Print: Minted

As the seasons change, my priorities shift.  During the warmer months, I am all about doing anything and everything outside.  Now that the temperatures are cooling down, I’m getting ready to tackle some leftover decorating projects to beautify my living space.  I have a couple of bare walls that are begging for more DIY artwork, and I am still trying to make some decisions on how to infuse style into my tiny little office space.  Either I am the most indecisive home decorator, or it really just takes forever to create an original little nest.

The print above is in my kitchen.  I’m not a huge fan of typography, but the saying spoke to me.  Minted carries super-fun artwork and stationary.  You’d probably be able to find unique wedding/baby shower gifts here.  Consider yourself warned:  Some of the prints are expensive.  You get what you pay for, though.  Minted does offer coupons on occasion, but it’s not a frequent occurrence.  If you find something you like, just stalk the site.  On the regular.  Here are a few of my favorite prints, (none of which go with my home decor, oddly) :

Minted Art Prints

Row One: 12 |Row Two: 12

A little money-saving tip:  Don’t order a frame with your print. NEVER. Never, ever!  It’s too costly.  Find frames at TJ Maxx or Michael’s and spend an extra five minutes to assemble. You’ll probably save $75 if you do so.

What type of artwork makes your house a home?  Did anyone catch my Talking Heads reference?  Well, it doesn’t feel right going back to work already, but I still plan to show up!  Happy Monday!



8 thoughts on “This Must Be the Place: Prints Under $50

    • I’ve never ordered prints from Etsy, but I agree that they have so many unique options. I love sifting through the site. Sometimes, I get overwhelmed with all of the great options on Etsy and end up not buying anything.

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