Mood Boosters: 6 Items Under $15

6 Items Under $15

6 Items under $15 2

1. Nordstrom | 2. Pier 1 | 3. Henri Bendel | 4.  ASOS | 5. Godiva | 6. Piperlime

Happiness is not a fish that you can catch…  There’s a special place in my heart for Our Lady Peace!  It might be old and forgotten, but I’ve always loved that line.

The psychology of happiness is fascinating.  One line of research suggests subjective well-being (your perception of how happy you are), has more to do with relationship satisfaction than the amount of money you earn or the items you possess.  Establish happy friendships, connect with your family, and respect your partner – the stuff is just temporary.  It’s really that easy?  Honestly, I’m pretty sure it is.

Of course, there is another body of research supporting the consumer in us all:  Purchase a modest item on occasion and you’ll notice a boost in your mood.  Hmmmm, an argument supporting shopping.  I’m not planning to debate that one.  *Note: Professionals recommend the mood boosting item is small and/or within your means – a simple pleasure, if you will.

The items above are all $15 or less.  At a whopping $16, the Nordstrom necklace begged to be included.  This sparkler has such a strong resemblance to Tiffany’s Diamonds by the Yard collection, it would have been wrong to deny you of the bargain.  Besides, you know how I enjoy breaking the rules.

Do you agree that money does not create a sense of subjective-well being?  What modest purchase boosts your mood?  Makeup, accessories, desserts?  We’d love to know!

We hope you get to spend time with your favorite people this weekend!



9 thoughts on “Mood Boosters: 6 Items Under $15

  1. I totally love this post- I love great pieces and good prices…I mean, who doesn’t!? And yes, totally boosts my mood! I think feeling put together is always good for the psyche. …so we should all shop affordably and enjoy ourselves, right?!

  2. Great post! Lately when I need a shopping fix but can’t afford to spend much, I’ll indulge in a deliciously scented body wash from Victoria’s Secret or Bath and Body Works. Something exotic and warm for the season with sugar vanillas or sensual amber. It’s a transformative treat for your whole body, mind, and spirit! It feels like wrapping yourself in luxury for well under $15!! xx

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