Natural Makeup Look for Under $30

Natural Makeup Look for Under $30

When you look like you’re not wearing makeup, but it actually took you 20 minutes to paint your face…

Yup, that’s my life and I have my morning routine down pat, but this post is not about how to simplify your beauty routine (I wish!), it’s all about how to effectively pull off a natural makeup look without having to apply for a 30-year loan so you can shop at Sephora.

Makeup is expensive, WTF world?!

I’ll admit in the past when I was an unsuspecting PYT, I paid beaucoup bucks for brands with pretty packaging. But a wonderful wrapper does not a superior product make. In fact, I’ve fallen in love with some very inexpensive products lately and I plan on exercising some brand loyalty to these great quality, low price cosmetics:

Where to find it: Ulta, Nordstroms
What to try: butter gloss, jumbo eye pencils, eyeshadows
Why it’s awesome: the lip glosses are long-lasting and on par with premium brands like Mac

Where to find it: drugstores, Target
What to try: mascara
Why it’s awesome: separates and elongates without clumps

Where to find it: drugstores, Ulta
What to try: ColorStay foundation
Why it’s awesome: great for sensitive skin, doesn’t clog pores and lasts all day

Where to find it: drugstores,
What to try: eyeshadow trios (“Walking on Eggshells” and “Sweet as Candy” are my personal faves)
Why it’s awesome: super pigmented and doesn’t cause creasing AND IT’S $2.99 SERIOUSLY

Nothing excites me more than makeup, especially makeup that doesn’t break the porcelain piggy bank. It can be such a nice and inexpensive way to partake in a little retail therapy. A new nail polish after a long day at the office? Don’t mind if I do!

Actually, one time I won the beauty lottery at my local drugstore. The cashier refused to believe the Essie polish I was purchasing (“bahama mama”) was a very cool $9, so she voided the price and rang it in for $2. I was like, um, hold that thought while I go grab a few more. I didn’t, I promise! But I should have.

Anyway, I think it goes without saying that beauty is truly a state of mind and no amount of makeup or heaps of cash can make us more beautiful than we are on the inside. Cue *the more you know* rainbow graphic and jingle.


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