5 Classic Items to Add to Your Fall Wardrobe

5 Classic Items to Add to Your Fall Wardrobe

This fall, I’m vowing to simplify my wardrobe.

As a card carrying member of the fashion obsessed club, trend chasing is the name of a very fun game I like to play on a daily basis. It’s sort of like another full-time job except I love it and I don’t get paid.

Oh snap, she made a funny.

But seriously, sometimes the fashion frenzy can get to my head a little bit. With so many styles to master in a given season, it can be overwhelming and so very unnecessary. That’s why as I was combing the web for some fab pre-fall deals and hitting the outlets over the weekend, I vowed to limit my spending to items with longevity. You know, the kind that can withstand the bi-annual purging of the closet ritual.

Case in point, m’ladies:

White Oxford Shirt: Target | Leather Trim Shirt: Dorothy Perkins | Structured Bowler Bag: Miss Selfridge | Silk Scarf: Oasis | Ankle Booties: Zappos

I think it makes things super easy to choose 2-3 simple trends to try and totally nail them. Because seriously, I don’t need a leather baseball cap or printed pants this fall — as cute as they are — they just don’t fit with my lifestyle and they will inevitably end up in a garbage bag sooner than you can say embellished driving slippers.

Oh but they’re soooo adorable.



11 thoughts on “5 Classic Items to Add to Your Fall Wardrobe

  1. Ohh good idea, I literally black out when I shop it’s not until after that I realize the damage. *Le sigh, there are just so many great styles out there and I want all of them. I like this idea though, I’m adopting it. This is great because I’m all about comfort and basics so if that saves me money along they way well hey! It’s a win win for moi.

    Xo GS
    Fall Trends: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cyux5s2FXtk

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