Running in Heels: Shoe Buys for Fall

running in heels 2

running in heels

1. Nordstrom | 2. Aldo  |3. ASOS |4. ASOS |5. Nine West |6. Aldo

Hello, and welcome to Friday.  How was your week?  We hope it was fantastic!  Here’s my highlight:  A parking debacle in the city.

Armed with a pass to a gated lot for my new job, I couldn’t locate the entrance – only the exit.  What, impossible?!?  Perplexed, I rendered my electronic key useless, and I might have proceeded to park illegally.  Desperately, knowingly and rather casually, I rolled into a “permit only” lot.  I’m a rebel.

The guilt (and fear of being towed) prompted me to ask a colleague about accessing the mysterious lot.  She gave me the dirt on parking.  Great.  There’s a way in!  It made sense to move my car; and I had 10 minutes to get the 15 minute task done.

I high-tailed back to my faraway automobile.  Running like an uncoordinated marathoner.  In heels.  I’d like to mention it was a humid 90 degree day.  It wasn’t pretty, but I somehow ended up with 2 minutes to freshen up before putting on the show that I call working.

Ladies, I don’t know how we do it all in heels, but we manage.  In honor of our weary Friday feet, I found us some fab fall footwear.  I’m obsessively stalking the booties.  Go on sale for crying out loud!  I am also drawn to the metallic Steve Madden’s.  They resemble a pair of Jimmy Choo’s.  You can’t fool us, Jimmy.  We know how to find the fancy for less!

What’s your favorite pair?  Has your car ever been towed because you parked illegally?  Oh, and HAPPY Friday!



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