Collection Affection: Mugs & Teacups

Kate Middleton:  Please join the blogosphere.  Red Tag Couture would appreciate this gesture.  It’s only Wednesday, Duchess.  You have until Friday to decide.

Kate Middleton Sipping Tea

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Imagine the fashion inspiration Kate could bring to us commoners if she did a daily outfit post?  Not the point of this post, though.  Today, we are talking about tea cuppery!  It’s important business, you know.

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Multi Colored Teacups

Everyday Mug: Juliska | Teacups & saucers: Wedgewood

Tea is a delight.  The smell & warmth.  Elegant, feminine mugs.  Delicate cups and saucers.  Health benefits.  Variety!  What’s not to love?  Having a cup of tea is as relaxing as it is invigorating.  During the week, Juliska Berry and Thread mugs are the way to go.  In white.  Because white mugs make the tea taste better.  A truly perfect mug allows your hand to easily fit inside the handle.

Sit back in your sweatshirt and throw on a statement necklace.  Weekend time is fancy time. Use and appreciate your china on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Look for eclectic cups that aren’t too matchy – fashion rules apply to teacupping!  The cup and saucer collection should be as unique as the collector.

I’ve been drinking green tea daily since my college days, and have routinized the process.  I like a fancy cup on the weekends and something practical (and white) during the week.  All these antioxidants I’ve been consuming better make me look 30 when I’m 65!

What’s your caffeine fix?  Is anyone as particular about their mug/cup as I am?  And while we are on the topic, do you think china is a worthy investment or do you take a more modern approach to purchasing such items?



10 thoughts on “Collection Affection: Mugs & Teacups

  1. I am very serious about my mugs!!! My morning coffee must be in my chunky oversized beach mug and my daily green teas must be in my delicate white china tea cup! It absolutely affects the whole experience 🙂

  2. I love this so, SO much. I am a huge fan of Kate (we’re on a first name basis of course). If she had a daily outfit post…sigh. I’m also a big fan of teatime. My mom and I take it very seriously and it’s quite a ritual picking out which teacup we’re going to use.

    • Tea time is serious stuff! My mom got me interested in picking out fun china and cute teacups years ago! She occasionaly surprises me with additions to my collection. I wish I had place to display the cups – Kate probably has an entire room filled with them!

  3. I drink a ton of tea! At least one cup a day- and yes, I’m very serious about my mug usage. I’m guessing you won’t be surprised that I prefer seasonal mugs around holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day)- it’s a little out of control. I’ve been on the lookout for some more elegant teacups though…the ones you featured are fab!

    • Ooooh, I have hardly any seasonal mugs! Good call! Ebay has some great finds for the elegant options (I like them “new in box!”). Shelley teacups are beautilful – and sometimes upwards of $250 – not exactly the RTC price point!

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