Black is Back: 6 Fall Favorites

Black and Leopard

Sweater: Zalando | Scarf: Express | Dress: New Look |Boots: John Lewis |Pants: Mango | Bracelet: Henri Bendel

No.  Not again.  You’re wearing black again?  C’mon, this is getting ridiculous.  You’re doing your wardrobe an injustice!   When I was a teenager, my mother always wore black.  This annoyed me to no end.  Oh, but as we grow we realize mothers are wise; and I consider mine to be one of the wisest.  Yup.  Mom was on to something.  Black is easy, chic, and timeless.  Black goes with everything; and it has saved my behind in plenty of what should I wear dilemmas.  Besides, you know what they say about the apple not falling too far from the tree!  So today, I’m giving credit where credit is due.

I thought the pieces above might be worthy of your fall collection.  I’ve been coveting vegan leather leggings since last year, but was being budget conscious and never purchased them.  It’s now or never!  By the way, the boots and bracelet are over $50.  Good quality boots for under $50 (in season) are few and far between – if you know of an excellent inexpensive brand, please let us know.  Erin and I would be most grateful!  And yes, I snuck in that onyx bracelet.  I’ve been stalking it since 2012, and it’s gone on sale several times.  To break up the black, I couldn’t resist adding dash of leopard.  Why not, right?

Black is my go-to fall/winter hue.  When I’m not feeling very creative or fashion forward, I wear it with confidence.  What’s your favorite cold weather color?



10 thoughts on “Black is Back: 6 Fall Favorites

  1. These are great pieces. I like black clothes for fall and winter, but I tend to feel a little washed out in really dark colors. I like eggplant and dark orange colors for fall, but I do maintain a healthy collection of black…especially shoes 😉

    • I start to feel completely washed out by Feb – it’s a gradual process! Ooooooh, eggplant is an excellent fall color – it must look great with your skin tone and hair color! I read that purples are supposed to be big this fall. I’m not even a little mad about that! 🙂

  2. Love the silhouette of that dress! I used to wear a lot of black because of the reasons you listed. Over the last few years I started embracing other colors and rarely wore black. But now I find that I’m coming back to my roots and wearing more black again. It’s chic and timeless! My favorite pairing with black is white, just because I love the sharp contrast. And leopard 😀

    • Leopard is where it’s at :). I’ve been playing around with more color over the past couple of years, too. I used to gravitate to browns in the fall, but it looks putrid on me. Cheers to getting back to our roots!

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