Pink, White & Blue: Colorful Handbags That Stand Out & Give Back

Angela Roi Handbags

1. Sunday Brink-Pink Tote | 2. Ostrich Oversized Ivory Tote | 3. Blue Cross-Body

Another handbag post from Red Tag Couture so soon? Indeed. As the unofficial bag ladies of the blogosphere this month, we’re thinking of changing our name to Red Bag Couture.

That joke was so sad, WordPress cried a little when I clicked “Publish,” but whatevs! We are who we are. <—Yup, I just quoted Ke$ha. Happy Thursday, ladies.

We assure you nothing is awry (no funny business, we promise), but we threw our editorial calendar out the sun-filled window when Angela from Angela & Roi emailed us last week and asked us to share with you her brand’s story. We’re so happy to oblige because (a) these vegan handbags are classic and minimal and just our style, and (b) $5 from every sale is donated to a list of charitable partners.

Handbags by Angela & Roi

When fashion and philanthropy collide, it’s the perfect marriage. We love celebrating companies that operate with a social conscious; those who make it their brand’s mission to raise money and awareness for causes around the globe. And while we try to keep most of our items on the blog (and IRL) under $50 to comply with our budgets, we have one exception to the rule: investment pieces. You know — boots, bags and coats. BBC all the way!

So yes, file this under your next investment piece.

Be sure to note the color significance of these handbags when you visit their website. Each color supports a specific cause. Some of these causes are so very near and dear to me personally, which is the reason I’ve called out three colors in particular. I hope you won’t mind indulging me in a little dedication to my loved ones. For those who are battling bravely and for those who left us too soon:

Pink, for my mother-in-law

White, in loving memory of my grandfather, “Mickey”

Blue, in loving memory of my grandmother, Dorothy

And because I would never leave you in a puddle of your own tears (or mine), I will end this post with a little poem that I hope brightens your day.


Just kidding it’s not a poem, it’s Ke$ha ; )



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