Design Inspiration for a Chic Home Office

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Chic Home Offices

1. The Lennox| 2. Ballard Designs |3. Horchow |4. Restoration Hardware 

If you’re going to do work at home, it should be done in style. Last week, I said goodbye to some of my colleagues. This week, I’m thinking about how to create a home office space that is as chic as it is functional.  I have been in need of a legitimate home office since I finished graduate school, but operation office has taken a backseat to a busy schedule and other home décor priorities (i.e. DIY polka dot artwork). My current system:  File folders and binders in plastic bins underneath the bed in a guest room. Yes, the design quest has begun. Hang on while I tell my husband to fasten his seatbelt.

He said he’s going to wear the seatbelt, but he doesn’t think I’ll use the office. What does he know?!?

Between Pinterest and plain old Google Image searches, design inspiration is plentiful. The possibilities bring out my inner Nate Berkus. Um, in female form.  Sometimes too many choices confuse me.  Elegant & glam. Bright pops of color. Traditional & classic. Modern & sleek. As long as I can establish an element of flow, I’ll take all of the above!

I put together a little inspiration board to showcase some of my favorite (and rather expensive) rooms.  Any of these can be recreated on a budget.  I currently have an intense affection for option 1. I like the clean, simple, and bright design.  I already have a white desk. It was purchased during my first attempt to create a workspace.  This time I’m intent on finishing the space, and I might even post some photos when I’m done!

I can think of many scenarios more exciting than bringing work home, but for some of us there isn’t an alternative. Do any of you like taking work home? Yeah, that question just sounds all kinds of wrong! How would you (or did you) design your office space? Or, do you prefer the shove it under the bed approach I’ve been using?



21 thoughts on “Design Inspiration for a Chic Home Office

  1. Love this idea! I really like the idea of a warm, inviting home office. My current office is at my work (in a hospital), so it was not easy to get away from the ‘sterile’ look. However, my officemate and I brought in a lot of inviting additions like our own lamps, throws, artwork, etc. I love something that’s functional, but also inviting! I’d love to see photos of how yours turns out!

    • I think it’s a great idea to add some personal touches to the at-work office! It sounds like you made yours cozy! I always hang a mirrior at the office. I like how they bring extra light in – I swear I’m not vain, haha! I will absolutely post photos when I complete the (very small) space!!

    • I love them, too. I love the glam element they bring into a space. I have a mirrored bedside table, but I’m always nervous to put a hot tea cup or coffee mug on there (cracked glass fear). I wonder how functional a mirrored desk would be.

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  3. The second space is really warm and cozy looking. Have you ever checked out Ballard Designs? They have a fairly resonable price point for other non-office related items. I find their accessories to be a little overpriced, though.

  4. They all look inviting, but 1 and 3 are my favorites. I confess I have “stolen” several spots in our tiny house because I “needed” office space, and my husband grumbles because I almost always end up in bed with my laptop anyway. I just take that to mean my bedroom needs to be really cute 😉

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