5 Tips for the Everyday {Extra}Ordinary Girl

5 Things

Hey, guess what. It’s Tuesday already! If you live in the US or Canada, we hope you enjoyed your long weekend! If you’re in Europe, maybe you enjoyed a nice bank holiday? We sure hope so.

We’re easing ourselves back into the work week (and reluctantly saying our goodbyes to summer) by bringing you a post with fun little tips and tricks we think you might enjoy during this transition-into-fall period. From how to set a table to creating your very own succulent garden, we’ve rounded up some of the web’s very best from the recent past.

1. Julia was a wise woman. Get this print from Design Eat, Repeat and make it your number one golden rule.

2. Dazzle your fancy friends by knowing what side of the plate your soup spoon resides. Image by daniellemj.

3. Macaron milkshake! This needs no explanation. Carry on.

4. 10 DIY Uses for Coconut. Yes, there’s even a DIY for your very own coconut bra. (Um, early Halloween costume, perhaps?)

5. Go green and learn How to Plant a Succulent Garden from the impossibly talented Jenni and friends from I Spy DIY.



9 thoughts on “5 Tips for the Everyday {Extra}Ordinary Girl

  1. That Julia Child quote makes me laugh- but seriously, that’s so true. And hmm….macaroon milkshake? …sold. I also recently planted my first herbs and feel so fancy, like maybe I should have a show on Food Network now bc I grow mint. Surely that’s enough for a full series, right? 🙂

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