Polished Purses: 6 Handbags Under $50

pretty little purses

Purses Under $50

1. Aldo |2. Dorothy Perkins | 3. Nordstrom | 4. Nordstrom | 5. Dorothy Perkins | 6. F21

Pack it up, buttercup!  Yup, that’s exactly what I did.  Yesterday was my last day at a job I’ve been doing for nearly ten years.  Before I left, I welled up about 7 times.  Alright.  I outright cried, and it wasn’t pretty.  My coworkers fattened me up with delicious food and sent me away with flowers, cards and a new reusable water bottle (because I can’t get through a 3 month period without destroying one).  It was an excellent end to a very long run in my department.

I work in an academic setting and carry a big tote to work.  And by tote, I mean a black Kate Spade diaper bag that I found on sale at TJ Maxx.  Apparently, I need just as many pockets as a new mom!  I’ve got handouts, they’re multiplying.  Needless to say, I was grateful to have that baby as I cleaned out my desk and packed away my belongings.

My real purses come out on the weekends when the diaper bag is taking a nap.  Take a gander at your bag collection.  Do you need a couple of replacements this fall?  This crybaby does.  I went ahead and found us some bags for less than $50.  By the way, the Dorothy Perkins selections are an additional 25% off – not too shabby.

The trick to pulling off an inexpensive purse is finding one with minimal detailing in a classic style.  I am currently smitten by each and every one of these bags, but I can’t stop thinking about the fish clutch.  Seriously, it’s swimming around in my dreams.  He’s quite the catch – so quirky and unique. 

Which of the 6 is your favorite?  And, of course, my burning question: Does anyone else carry a diaper bag to work?

Happy Friday! Have a fantastic and relaxing long weekend!



13 thoughts on “Polished Purses: 6 Handbags Under $50

  1. Great picks! I think 4 and 5 are my favorites. There’s a running joke that my work bag is actually just a small suitcase. It’s really not that big…but apparently it looks basically like I’m going on a weekend trip with it. I love that you carry a diaper bags. My sister has a Kate Spade one as well, and it’s super chic! Good luck in your future endeavors :)!!

    • Ooooh… I love those two, as well. I am really excited to pair mint with warmer hues and deep jewel tones this fall. I have so many things I take back and forth to work on a weekly basis. Some days I wish the “suitcase” was actually packed with getaway items! PS – Your sister has great taste! I thought I might be the only one on the planet with a diaper bag/work tote! (Thanks for wishing me well! I’m looking forward to the new change!)

    • I love the leopard clutch, too… it’s less than $20, hooray! Tweezers? So, smart. I needed a pair the other day when my necklace clasp unhooked from the chain. (Girl pliers, ha!) Adding them tonight… the diaper bag will thank you!

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