Steal Her Style: Leather and Leopard

Blair Eadie Leopard Dress

Blair Eadie's Leopard & Leather Dress

Insipration Photo: Atlantic-Pacific

Skirt: H&M| Bracelet: Shopbop | Top: Wallis |Boots: Piperlime

Make like a thief and steal Blair Eadie’s edgy style.  Because, the truth is, that girl knows how to dress.  Leather and leopard?  Zippers and points?  Uh-huh, we’re getting wild up in here.  Except, Erin and I are about as tame as they come.  Ordinarily, this look would frighten my bow-loving, print-avoiding, classic-dressing self, but Blair makes this combination classy and approachable.  Quite honestly, I’m totally embracing this look.  What I am not enthused about is the cost of Blair’s chic 3.1 Phillip Lim dress ($1395).  That is no bargain, my friends.  That’s scarier than being in the jungle at night without a flashlight.

Let’s get humane and discuss this animal ensemble.  H&M zipified a vegan leather skirt and slapped a sweet price tag on it – go try it on in the store.  If you fear the mini skirt try a leather legging, instead.  Wise move, Wallis:  A higher neck adds a touch of class to a leopard blouse.  Tuck it into the skirt, and you’ve got the $1400 look for less than $70.

We’ve been chirping about pointed toes for the past month (here and here & geez we really love them).  Steve Madden’s “Devil” boot will put some fire in your strut.  My tiny tip on boot longevity:  Take new boots to the cobbler and ask for stronger heel dowels (hate when they wear down to the nail after a month) and a thicker sole overlay.  It usually costs about $15, but it really saves shoes.  The hardest part is waiting to wear the new boots for an entire day!  One last touch.  Wrap your wrists in arm-candy.  Anything goes, just stack up those bracelets, lady!

Did you know the spots on leopards are called rosettes?  That makes them seem less edgy.  I don’t even need to work on my roar, I’m ready for this look.  Would you try this combo?



10 thoughts on “Steal Her Style: Leather and Leopard

  1. ah, leopard print and leather (faux), two of my favorite things right now! Thank you for the great tip about the heels, that makes me so upset when I have a favorite pair of shoes that wears down to the nail so quickly.

    • Together or separate, leather and leopard are awesome. I love the sound my worn down heels make as I walk through the halls at work. They say, “Give me a raise and I’ll buy new shoes.” All kidding aside, taking them to the cobbler really does lengthen the life of a heel!

  2. I love this combo! I do not have any faux leather yet, but think it’s high time I looked for some. I agree re: re-heeling shoes. There’s nothing more annoying than when the heels wear down quickly. $15 is generally cheaper than buying a new pair of shoes, so it’s a good investment!

    • I had a pair of faux leather pants when I was in college that looked and felt so real. Wish I kept them! And yes, a trip to the cobbler is really a good investment – preventative maintenance for your shoes. 🙂

    • Pretty sure Blair can pull off just about anything… From what I’ve seen, so can you – you have feminine, flowy and breezy down to a science! I’m not sure where/when I learned about the spots, but I think it’s a fun little fact!

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