Chic Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

chic ways to organize your jewelry

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You give your jewelry some much needed love every time you pair it with a chic outfit, but what about the days it lounges in your bedroom like a stay-at-home bauble? If you’re looking for a way to beautify your boudoir, put your jewelry to work. Here are some super stylish and decorative ways to turn your accessories into art:

The Hook Up

Chandeliers, deer antlers, shabby chic knobs and other vintage hooks — now you have a really plausible reason for putting more holes in your walls. It’s art and you’re ready to show off your best and brightest necklaces, le duh.

Tiers of Joy

Instead of storing your cake trays and Tripoli platters in some unchartered corner of your kitchen or in your dining room cabinet, consider re-purposing them as a fun way to organize your rings, bracelets, earrings and watches.

A Dish & A Dog 

Because why wouldn’t you store your rings on the back of a wiener dog? He’s not going anywhere.

Okay ladies, the museum is now open for business. In what creative or inspired ways do you showcase your accessories? Share your ideas with us — we’d love to discover new ways to rejuvenate our jewels. 



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