Wedding C

Photos: Zenobia Studios

Grow old along with me!  The best is yet to be… ~Browning

It was one of those Saturdays when the clouds refused to come out and the sun glistened for longer than it should have.  I am completely unsure how five years of my life have flown by so quickly.  Happy it’s flying by with the most kind, encouraging, generous and respectful husband in the land!  I can’t wait to see what the next five years will bring.

If you’re wondering, we planned our wedding on a budget, but didn’t compromise on extravagance.  You’re probably not surprised.  How did we do it?  The invite list was extremely short.  As in, we made some people mad, short.  (We’ve since been forgiven.)  Our invites, menus and floral arrangements (sans my bouquet) were handmade.  My gown was an affordable Nicole Miller.  You must take a peek at her bridal line – so simple and elegant.  For shoes, I waited (and waited) 6 months for sequins Manolo’s to go on sale.  They were so unique at the time.  Our reception was held at the charming Castle Hill Inn where the food quality is impeccable.  We reserved a private dining room and ate like royals.  Because we had less than 20 guests, there was a great deal of flexibility in regard to what we could offer our invitees.  Open bar, why not?  Godiva’s and rosé champagne favors.  Sure.  That’s part of the beauty of having a small wedding.  It was a tailor-made event that reflected our personal taste.  Five years ago!  I want to go back to that day and soak it all up again. Immediately.

Anyone have a wedding to attend the weekend?



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