Steal Her Style: Preppy in Plaid

Plaid Skirt

Original Photo from Harper’s Bazaar

Shoes: Zara| Shirt: Brooks Brothers| Skirt: New Look| Clutch: Boohoo

On Monday, Amanda reminded us all that there are still so many wonderful summer deals out there waiting to be had. She’s a smart cookie.

But I have a sickness for autumn and it runs deep. Yesterday — as the ac was blasting and the temps reached 90 degrees — I indulged in pumpkin sage ravioli for supper, tore through a bag of Halloween candy like a raccoon on trash night, and sweater browsed online for a solid two hours. Things unraveled fast. So fast.

Before I knew it, I was drumming up my fall fashion wishlist. I outright bypassed the “transitional” clothing and went straight for the chunky knits and studded booties. I even re-introduced the flat iron into my beauty routine and my hair was all like, really? REAAAALLY? C’mon lady, this is not cool!

And I was all, zip it. This is happening.

Yes. I’m ready for apple picking and pumpkin lagers with cinnamon & sugar rims, long weekends leaf peeping and Christmas decorations at the mall (in October). It’s the most splendid time of the year and I — for one — am ready to backdoor summer in exchange for some new duds.

One of my favorite looks for fall ’13 is the preppy, menswear-inspired lines. Boxy car coats, classic button-ups, tartan everything! It’s like all our favorite retail stores enrolled at Oxford and majored in CHIC.

Hey, sign me up, too! I’m totally ready to ace the semester.



7 thoughts on “Steal Her Style: Preppy in Plaid

  1. Love this look. I was so sad to see that the company with the skirt didn’t ship outside the UK. I’ve been looking for a tartan skirt like that for such a long time!

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