Perpetually Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Top row: cake | beach | roses
Middle row: dress | lips | macarons
Bottom row: teacup | top

Swaddle me in pink from head to toe and I’m a happy girl. Throw in a pink cake and a Brut Rosé and it’s officially the best soirée ever.

No boys allowed!

It’s one of our favorite hues here on the blog and most definitely worth celebrating in the most stylish of ways. Pink is the color of sunsets. It’s a color for all seasons. It’s romantic and feminine and has become a symbol of strength for women everywhere.

Pink is a fighter. She’s strong and beautiful, nurturing and confident. A girl can grow into the woman she’s meant to be with the color pink.

While we’re celebrating the very essence of P.I.N.K. — one day I dream of stocking my kitchen cabinets with these affordable and fabulous blush-colored finds. I’m especially pining over that Pantone mug. It’s one-half nerd and super girly all in one.

Just like me ; )

Eat, Pink & Be Merry

Teacups: SweatPea & Willow | Champagne Truffles: Bloomingdales (on sale!)| Mug: Studica|
Measuring Cups: Amazon


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