Saving on Summer Classics: White Shorts and Button Down Shirts

Everyone is lamenting about the fall, but we’re still talking summer.  Clothes shopping in late August will save you a ton of cash, but there is a caveat.  You’ve got to purchase staple pieces for next summer.  Get your head out of that pile of nonexistent leaves on your lawn.  Fall 2013 is looking oh, so sweet, but we have plenty of time to discuss that.  Let’s live in the moment and hold off on those yummy pumpkin spice lattes, shall we?  You have self-control.  Really, you do.

A bowl of berries (2)

Pink Stripes

Shirt: Thomas Pink |Necklace: David Yurman

I purchased the Thomas Pink button down above at TJ Maxx for $30.  The quality is top-notch, it’s my favorite color of pink, and I will have it for years to come.  I usually wear the top with white shorts and a woven leather belt.  If you are familiar with TP shirts, you know they retail upwards from $175.  Yup.  Another noteworthy purchase from TJ Maxx.

White Shorts Henri Bendel Flip Flops

Shirt: Bebe | Shorts: Quick Silver | Flip-flops: Henri Bendel

How are those white shorts you have tucked away in your closet looking these days?  A little dingy?  Maybe it’s time for a new pair.  Get them now; they’re on sale everywhere.  It’s always wise to pick up a few summer weight button downs this time of year, as well.  They transition nicely into the fall and make great layering pieces under sweaters in the winter.  We like this toasted almond, studded blouse because it comes in an array of colors and it’s effortlessly chic.  Another end of summer bargain: shoes.  We found you a new pair of flip-flops from Henri Bendel for less than $40, what?  Love them.  You’ll be happy to have them when you feel an itch to go on vacation somewhere warm and sunny.  Ahhhh, warm and sunny.  Step outside and enjoy it while it lasts.

How do you feel about buying classic items for next year while they’re on sale?  Basically brilliant, no?



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