What to Wear on Date Night

Have a date this weekend?  Flustered because you can’t decide what to wear?  Relax.  Use staple items in your closet to fashion an alluring look for a date night worth remembering.

Date Night Outfit

Dress: TopShop (similar) | Shoes: Zara | Earrings: Saks |Necklace: Go Jane | Purse: River Island

The black TopShop dress we chose is equal parts flattering, fun, and classy.  The classy part is important.  You don’t want your date to get the wrong idea.  Or, do you?  Insert killer Zara ankle-cuff pointy pumps – they’re more than suggestive.  Drape yourself in a golden statement necklace.  Go Jane has so many excellent options that it was difficult to narrow down a favorite.  Oooooh…  Did you know wearing earrings has an illuminating effect on your skin and eyes?  Try to go for options that either shine or sparkle.  We like the understated dazzle of these Kenneth Jay Lane CZ’s set in rose gold.  Break up all that black with a taupe, studded bag.  We love this one from River’s Island because it mimics Rebecca Minkoff’s glorious leather goods.  It’s official.  You look lovely in every possible way.

Here’s a little story you can use as a future downward social comparison (i.e. at least this date isn’t as bad as the one that blogger went on).  You know, just in case things don’t go so well.  Ready?  I was invited out for my date’s birthday dinner with his family – all of whom became so intoxicated that they felt the need to have a cake fight.  In a really upscale restaurant.  With chocolate cake.  There were grown adults crawling on the table. I was in awe.  I was wearing a cream cashmere sweater. I went home with cake on my shirt.  My date thought this was a good time.  I didn’t.  We parted ways.  Thank you universe for sending my husband.  I ate cake with a lot of toads before we met!

We are dying to know your best and worst dating stories!  Tell us about them in the comments section!



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