What to Wear to a Late Summer Business Dinner

Navy dress, Pink patent bag, leopard flats RTC

Dress: Zalando | Shoes: Nasty Gal | Bag: John Lewis | Earrings: Marc Jacobs

Oh, my!  You’ve got a business dinner to attend.  An after work “night out” like this necessitates a different kind of attire.  Think plain, simple, polished and clean.  Go with a navy dress.  Another heavy rotation item for your wardrobe, hooray!  Pair it with chocolate-brown or oxblood tights and a cozy sweater for the fall.  Beyond the dress, you’re not required to include much more.

You may want to make a meager investment in a simple silver or gold stud.  You’ll throw them on every time you have an I can’t think morning.  These Marc Jacobs rose gold studs go with anything, and they aren’t too flashy.  A great bag… yeah, we have that!  How functional is this deep pink patent tote?  Load all things business in this beauty.  Or, maybe throw flats in the bag if your going straight from the office to dinner.  Is anyone as excited as we are about pointed toe shoes tip-toeing on the catwalk againPhew, we thought they’d never return.  You’ll be a shoe in with these lively leopard pumps.  It’s always nice to make a statement minus an obnoxious roar.  We know what your thinking… An entire outfit with items that can be repurposed a million times!  Genius.  Adopting this sort of style is every economical girl’s dream.

Sparkling water in a can RTC

Not sure what type of cocktail to order?  Keep it classy – you’re still at work.  Order a sparkling water and dazzle the associates with your brain, not your slurred speech.  The wait staff will put your bubbly water in a wine glass and you’ll feel a professional buzz.  Has anyone tried these mini cans of Perrier?  They are so stinking cute!   Order these out.  Corporate will thank you for not taking advantage of the company credit card, too.  You really are a gem of an employee!  See, an occasional obligatory work dinner isn’t that bad.

What do you like to wear to work dinners?  We’d love to know!



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