4 Designer-Inspired Flats for Under $100

Splurge or Save: The Flats Edition


Studded Ballerina: Neiman Marcus | Leather Ballerina: Neiman Marcus | Ankle Strap: Shopbop | D’orsay Flats: Shopbop


Studded Ballerina: Zara | Leather Ballerina: Zara | Ankle Strap: Zara | D’orsay Flats: Zara

Shoes! They’re the perky exclamation point to every outfit. They make a tired cocktail dress seem exuberant again. Some of them make us walk taller while others allow us to strut with confidence down the runway of life (i.e. your bedroom, the sidewalks in your neighborhood, your office building).

We don’t care how high the heel or how narrow the toe, we’re wearing these darn things tonight if they kill us! Sometimes the men in our lives just don’t get it. Case in point from the other night:

THE HUSBAND: Why do you have so many blisters on your feet? *looking concerned*

ME: Because I’ve been wearing heels for 2-weeks straight.

THE HUSBAND: You need to wear shoes that fit properly then. Shoes aren’t supposed to hurt.

ME (after an awkward pause): Bahahahahahaaha

Was it necessary for me to laugh in my husband’s unassuming face? Absolutely. I thought about crafting a long-winded retort to his rather logical reaction to my heel-wearing, blister-ridden, sorry-excuses-for-feet at this point in the summer, but perhaps some things are better left unsaid. Yes, this was one of those times.

The point is…there is no point! We loves shoes. Case closed.

Zara’s Flat out Fabulous Flats

All hail the Zara flats! I was on their website over the weekend completely kvelling over these beautiful show stoppers and the prices were all kinds of right (yes! yes! -Herbal Essences commercial), which was making my heart palpitate.

I thought a few of the styles looked a bit familiar and after some investigating on the world wide webby, I discovered their much more expensive sisters living on some high end retailers sites. Needless to say, a Red Tag Couture girl could NEVER justify spending $295+ on a single pair of shoes, but $35.90 for a comparable pair? Now that’s more our style.


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