Beach Week: Packing Up

Fold up your chairs and dust the sand off your feet. Today marks the end of Beach Week at Red Tag Couture.  Quite frankly, we’re not even all that sad.  Okay, that was a lie.  The beach is awesome – we don’t wanna go home. C’MON. JUST. ONE. MORE. SANDCASTLE.  No?  Fine – we’ll leave, but that doesn’t mean we intend to go home.  There are plenty of exciting things to do near the ocean that don’t involve the beach at all.  Slip on your Sperry’s and explore the surrounding seaside communities.  You’re going to love what you see.  We promise.

Glittery Sperry's

Sperry’s: Neiman Marcus | Watch: Nordstrom |Bracelet: J Crew (old) similar |

By the way, I feel like Dorothy’s alter-ego in my Sperry’s.  A more laid back Dorothy who isn’t really concerned about getting home in time for supper.  Happy Friday, and have a lovely weekend!



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