Beach Week: Cape Cod Style

Cape Cod Style

Top: Monsoon (similar, similar)| Shorts: Target| Necklace: BaubleBar| Earrings: Shopbop | Sandals: Target| Cosmetic Bag: Burke Decor| Nail Polish: Amazon

Beach Week continues and today we go from sunsets to sun obsessed in picturesque Cape Cod, Massachusetts (aka, “The Cape” for us locals).

Casual Cape Fashion, But First, A Lofty Reflection

So many things come to mind when I think of The Cape. Sand dunes and tall beach grass, hot and hazy afternoons in the sun, chilly evenings by the fire pit and treks to the nearest creamery for a scoop or two of Moose Tracks fudge swirl ice cream cradled in a waffle cone. Also, old-fashioned drive-in movies (it’s where I first saw ET & then eventually Independence Day…two stellar alien flicks) and boutiques crammed with trinkets of sailors knots, whales, sea glass and starfish.

The Cape isn’t just a destination. It’s a lifestyle.

Introduced to the world through the Kennedy’s, Jack and Jackie spent long summer weekends here as a family before and during JFK’s presidency. Geared up in their wayfarers, crisp white shorts, boat shoes and wind-swept hair, they lived a life miles away from the fast-paced world of politics.

Ok, Now for the Fashion Part

Today, much of the same remains. In terms of fashion, a largely casual yet preppy style permeates the wardrobes of locals and visitors. To be honest, it’s like a really wrinkled version of a Vineyard Vines stores. But to be fair, the humidity down here could curl a steel rod. So really, ironing is counterproductive.

Anything nautical and striped is fair game. “Nantucket red” is an actual color and anything with a pink whale or a black dog is strongly encouraged. Flip flops are a fashion “do” and you can sport them for drinks out with the gang or to the grocery store. Nobody will judge you.

Some men (those confident in their manlihoods) wear multi-colored or pastel madras or linen shorts, or faded green shorts with embroidered lobsters. Those are okay, but if they’re paired with penny loafers and no socks…mmmm, not so much.

Oooh, She’s Got Photos

Yeah I do. I’m ending this nostalgia train to show you some of my Cape photos. Here’s a sampling of my favorite places to stay and visit:

Falmouth, MA (on the Cape)

Wellfleet, MA (On the Cape)

Provincetown, MA (on the Cape)

Have you been to The Cape or is there a destination near you that’s an enchanting oasis away from the hustle and bustle of your 9-5 life? Are you on board with the casual beachy way of life or you do long for pearls and stilettos? 



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