Beach Week: Sunset Style Somewhere in New England

Beach Seagull A RTC

Back to school commercials, eat your hearts out.  This week Red Tag Couture is going to the beach, not Office Max.  Today, let’s get glammed up and celebrate the splendid sunset.

Sunset at the Beach RTC

Top: Tilly’s |Necklace: Charlotte Russe| Skirt: New Look | Shoes: DV8 | Lip Balm: Bloomingdales | Tote: Wildfox Couture |Champagne: Veuve Clicquot

Take me to the beach… Yes, we found a tote that almost says it all.  Time for a quick RTC edit.  How about, take me to the beach at sunset with a fab bottle of champagne?  Ah, now this tote is speaking our language.  Oh, but what to wear?  We chose classic (yet inexpensive) items for this sunset look.  Jeweled sandals to match the soft glittery sand will look lovely with a bold purple pleated maxi.  A tailored white blouse tied at the waist & adorned with mint baubles will keep you tepid by the cool ocean air.  Don’t bother to retouch your make-up with anything other than a dab of lip balm – natural is best at the beach.

The greatest part about sunset at the beach?  Most are leaving when you’re showing up.  It’s just you and the ocean.  So, sip that champagne and quench your thirst for all things summer.

Beach 1a RTC

Top: Banana Republic (old) similar | Dress: Rebecca Taylor (old) similar

Sunset Collage RTC

This weekend, my husband and I took our poodle-child to the beach at sunset.  As entertained as she looks in the pictures, my pup was rather horrified by her beach experience.  I thought dogs liked nature!  Not mine.  Next time we go, we’ll leave the poodle home and tote a bottle of bubbly.  No need to torture the dog with another breathtaking sunset!

Right around early August, I begin to realize my beach days are slightly numbered.  If you’re a New Englander, you might share these sentiments.   Anyone ever feel this way?  Summer is not over.  Let’s soak up every moment of this season.  Have a spectacular Monday, and come back for more Beach Week tomorrow!



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