Pulling Off Patterns: Animal Print

Animal Print Finds

1. Sandals : Zara (sold out. similar) | 2. Flats : Zara | 3. Pillow: Etsy | 4. Pillow: Dormify | 5. Cuff: Bauble Bar | 6. Dish: Zinc Door

RAWWWRRR! I’m trying to scare my credit card into allowing me to buy all these things, but she’s no fool. She knows shameless intimidation when she sees it reflecting in her plastic face.

Although I think she’s valid in her hesitation.

There’s a fine line we walk with animal print. Point being, it can go down tacky avenue pretty quickly. And it’s hard to recover once you’ve outfitted yourself from head to toe in leopard and then all the feral cats in your neighborhood start hanging around your apartment. Um yeah, time to tame your inner animal.

Truth be told, for as long as animal print has been in fashion (decades!), I’ve only just recently discovered my love for zebra and cheetah. I love a pop here and there with a scarf or a cuff, a clutch or a ballet flat. In early spring, I branched out of my comfort zone big time and bought a sleeveless leopard print blouse from TJ Maxx. I’m still waiting to find the perfect crimson, mustard or eggplant cardigan to pair it with. Just to tone it down a tad. Baby steps…


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3 thoughts on “Pulling Off Patterns: Animal Print

    • They used to call me the cardigan queen! I have so many. (“They” being myself.) The key here with this print is as you mention, “a little bit” : ) Thank you so much for stopping by!

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