Save or Splurge: The Floral Midi Edition

Floral Midi RTC

Take a long hard look at the trendy floral midi’s above.  One is from the always affordable TopShop, while the other is a marvelous Pucci number.  If you know your Pucci, then this game is over for you – but not everyone does, so do play along. Can you distinguish the $1100 skirt from the $50 one?  I constructed a poorly designed study to determine which skirt looks more expensive.  Research indicates the cheaper skirt is indeed more fanc-if-ied. Want the actual stats: 5 out of 7 surveyed gave the incorrect response.  Of course, my dog was a participant and she won’t even wear her sweater.  I’ll file that under the limitations section. RTC research – very academic.

Left Skirt: Pucci (Splurge) | Right Skirt : TopShop (Save)

Are you willing to spend $1100 on a trend?  If you are, we’re not here to judge – that Pucci is actually on sale.  If it’s within your means, go nuts!  I’m going to stick with the TopShop, though.  The less expensive print is actually reminding me of a fall 2013 D&G midi.  Whatever your pick, try pairing it with a chambray for a fresh modern look.  As the season transitions, grab a classic pale blue button down and throw on a cozy, not chunky, 2-ply medium-grey or fawn hued cashmere sweater.  Add heels, and you’re so good to go!

Tell us, were you able to figure out which skirt was more expensive or did your response reflect the “research”?  We’re eager to add to our findings!



3 thoughts on “Save or Splurge: The Floral Midi Edition

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