Pulling Off Patterns: How to Wear Tribal the Polished Way

Tribal Pattern for Every Occasion

Tribal prints aren’t just for the boho chic chick anymore. And they’re not solely reserved for your 6th grade crush who was rocking a sweet baja pullover back in the day. Oh the 90s, we miss you!

That’s right, ladies. Even those of us with simple, polished or classic-ly defined style can jazz up our outfits with a little punch of tribal.

In the Boardroom:
Skirt: Dorothy Perkins | Shoes: ASOS

Say goodbye to boring style in the boardroom and add a little printed pizzazz to your office attire. Here we’ve paired a simple tribal palette of black & white with a pop of color with these super cute and ever the professional, pointed fuchsia flats. With this particular pattern, the trick is to keep your color wheel limited to under three different hues to allow your true talents to shine through (and not let your wardrobe be a shining distraction). Choose a non-printed top in black or white or perhaps choose a softer shade of fuschia for a slightly bigger splash.

Swimsuit: Warehouse Engineered

You can stop sucking in your stomach this summer because the onesie swimsuit is back! Let’s all take a collective sigh of relief. Ooh and let’s get ice cream after dinner tonight. *happy dance*

Insert floppy hat, some SPF and maybe some stackable wooden bangles and you’re ready for a sunny, fun day at the beach.

Earrings: Neiman Marcus | Top: Club Monaco

Mixing prints can be really fun, but also nightmarish. In this outfit pairing, the colorful, chandelier tribal earrings are super fab and work as an accent to the yellow striped blouse, which is the main attraction. How do you know if you’re mixing prints to create a chic statement and not a scary one? Make sure your attire has one outstanding feature and let your accessories be the back-up dancers. Shout-out to K-Fed and that guy who married J.Lo before the Bennifer debacle! Wooooot!

Ugh, bad examples, sorry.

Bachelorette Party:
Clutch: Charlotte Russe | Top: French Connection

Oh yes it’s ladies night. Bring on the martinis and giggle fits! They’re my fave.

If you’re on the fence about the tribal print, but want to try it anyway (you’re so brave, I love your spirit), try a simple patterned clutch and add it to an already classic girls night out outfit. Peplum never fails and I hope it never goes out of style. I want it to stay in our wardrobes forever. For. Eh. Ver.

Are you on board with tribal fashion and do you rock it hard core or subtly? We’d love to see how you fit this trendy fashion print into your summer wardrobe!



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