Pulling off Patterns: A Black Blazer & Pink Printed Pants

Pink Printed Pants RTC

Blazer: TopShop | Pants: Zara |Blouse: Oasis |Watch: Nordstrom |Handbag: H&M | Illuminator: Benefit | Shoes: Style Bop

Get out your raspberry-beret everyone, it’s Pulling off PRINCE Prints week at RTC.  We totally get it.  With the exception of polka dots and stripes, patterns can be scary.  The problem: they tend to look dated really fast.  If you love printed apparel and still want your wardrobe to work season after season, subtle or vintage patterns will give you the most mileage.  These raspberry damask print ankle pants are all of the above.  We like the idea of using a structured blazer to juxtapose the ultra-feminine blouse and the pinkity-pink pants.

Print plays nice with unassuming accessories.  A rose gold watch will create the sense of androgyny needed to elevate this look from sugar & spice to business chic.  It’s true, many designer items (i.e. the shoes pictured above) are Red Tag Couture friendly – we discussed why in our last post.  We are showing these beauties again because we’re realistic – no one wears a different pair of shoes everyday. Um, right?  Here’s a budget friendly alternative to the Giuseppe’s!  We know Mr. Blackbag isn’t anything too fancy, but we all have some variation of this guy sitting in a closet.  Just another reason to give him an added ounce of love.  Admit it, you’ve got this print thing in the bag!

Lesson learned: you can do print without looking like one of the Misfits.  And that, my friends, is truly outrageous. Truly.  For now, it’s back to work.  Unenthused?  Try Benefit’s “highbeam” to brighten up the corners of your work-weary eyes.  Illuminate the workplace, and not just with your print savvy style – with your lovely presence!

Do we have you convinced that prints aren’t so overwhelming, or do you already heavily rotate patterned apparel?  We’d love to hear your thoughts!



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