Work-Chic All Week: The Cobalt Sheath Dress

Boardroom Blues RTC R

Dress: A|wear | Earrings: Kate Spade | Agenda: Lifeguard Press | Bracelets: ASOS | Shoes: Style Bop

Is this another grab-and-go outfit for Wear to Work Chic Week?  You bet it is.  Because, let’s face it, when it comes to ironing – who feels like it?

Go bold and wrinkle-free in this refined cobalt sheath dress.  Pair it with simple jewelry and accessories. The Kate Spade pearls with rope-edge detailing remind me of these David Yurman beauties with a sweeter price tag.  Add some brassy chain stack bangles to create texture in an otherwise traditional look.  While you’re on a roll, just pop on a pair of timeless Giuseppe Zanotti camel-toned patent peeptoes.  Woah, wait, what’s with the high-priced shoes?  Isn’t this RED TAG Couture?  Yup, we’re still here.  Note to readers:  TJ Maxx has been known to carry very high-end shoes at some of their locations.  I recently purchased a pair of Giuseppe’s for less than $50 – I was having heart palpitations during the transaction.  Don’t deny yourself quality items.  Just remember, always buy designer goods on sale.  Seriously.  Practice delay of gratification, and you’ll thank yourself.  Looking for a handbag?  You already have a lovely structured mustard tote.  It will be fantastic with this outfit.

If you play your cards right, sometime around 5PM you’ll scan that colorful Jonathan Adler agenda and think, I totally aced this work week. With the weekend so close we can all taste it, there’s no longer a need to feel the boardroom blues.  Until Monday, that is.

We hope your Friday is lovely and that it leads into a glorious weekend!  Does anyone have any exciting plans?



3 thoughts on “Work-Chic All Week: The Cobalt Sheath Dress

  1. I love the Jonathan Adler planner, my husband makes fun of me all the time because I refuse to use my phone calendar (I don’t trust it, I know weird)! The color on that dress is perfect too!

    xx Cara

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