Work-Chic All Week: The Classic Pencil Skirt

It has been declared Wear to Work Chic Week at Red Tag Couture.  We will be posting outfit ideas designed to take you from the sizzling summer heat right on into the “why in the <expletive> is it so cold in here” office.  Let’s pay homage to the classic pencil skirt, shall we.

Work Week Chic 2

Pencil Skirt: Oasis | T-Shirt: Vera Moda | Necklace: Forever 21 | Lip gloss: Cusp  | Travel Mug: Antique Farmhouse | Purse: Zara | Cardigan: Mango| Pumps: Zara

Your work attire should consist of colors and styles you like.  2013 runways were flowing with maxi’s and midi’s, but a pencil skirt is always a fashionable choice.  Is coral a hot color this season?  Eh, it’s seen better years – but it is still a gorgeous hue.   This coral skirt sent our hearts aflutter with affection.  I bet you like my pleated detailing and my work appropriate length, says the cheerful coral garment.

The minimalistic feel of a white t-shirt is easily enhanced with a polished layered necklace. It produces an element of sophistication.  But wait, there’s more.  A multi-strand necklace creates a figure-flattering optical illusion.  Elongated torso.  Check.  Leaner look overall.  Check.

With a pop of color from the structured mustard handbag and those timeless nude pumps, this ensemble is perfection in a cubicle.  Let’s be realistic, though.  Working indoors can give a girl the shivers.  We included a summer weight leopard cardigan to glam things up a tad.  Let’s hope that’s enough to keep you warm.

Put your irons away, ladies.  If hung properly, deciding on a pencil skirt will save you a few extra minutes in the morning.  Go ahead, pop a bag of green tea in the adorable “good to go” mug and let the antioxidants do the job. Fasten your seatbelts and put your NARS gloss on, it’s Monday.  Wishing you a fabulous work week!

Tell us, would you wear this outfit to the office?  Or, would you rather just stay home and play dress up?




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