Lemonade with a French Twist

Citron presse

Hooey, it’s hawt out! Like top knot hot. Like, put your lipsticks in the fridge because they’re going to melt any minute now hot.

For real, it’s getting hot in here so take off all your…woah, woah. This is a PG blog. Sorry Nelly, I’m gonna need you to take a step back. Back into 1999. Haha.

Oh snap.

Now that I’ve made myself laugh and probably alienated our readers, let’s talk about lemonade. It’s sweet. Sometimes it’s tart. And it’s always refreshing on a hot, summer day. In this version of the very popular summertime sippery, we’re taking cues from the French because they’re, let’s face it, fab-u-lous.

In this post, we’ve replicated the ever popular Parisian café beverage, citron pressé or sometimes referred to as lemon pressé. It’s really basic, super fresh and easy to make.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Ice water + sugar + lemons

After you’ve gathered your ingredients, you can flex your muscles as you squeeze some fresh lemon juice into a glass. That’s the “hard” part. Really, this recipe is fool proof. Except that the recipe called for one lemon per glass and we decided to do two, which ended up being ridiculously sour.

Lemon press
Citron presse. Just add sugar

Once your lemon juice is pressed, your guests can mix up their own drinks with as much or as little sugar and ice water that pleases their palettes.

Et voila: citron pressé.
Citron presse, a French take on lemonade
weird combo of bracelets! (2)
Fresh lemons

If you’re feeling especially adventurous, add some lime juice or totally forgo the lemon and lime and concoct an orange pressé for a fabulous brunch brew. Oooh, the possibilities are endless.

We really enjoyed drinking the fruits of our labor and we hope you do, too!

Have a fab weekend!

Merci, RTC


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