The Trend Report: Scalloped Edges

Scalloped Edges

Tops: Scallop Daisy from Oasis | Beaded from Boohoo | Peaches from Modcloth | Black leather from Dorothy Perkins

Bottoms: White flared from H&M | Black leather from Insane Jungle | Navy eyelet from J.Crew Factory | Blood orange crochet from Tainted Kiss

Bags: Blush glitter from Dorothy Perkins | Pale pink satchel from ASOS | Tangerine dots from a-thread | Kimchi blue wallet from Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Turquoise ballet from Charlotte Russe | Striped from Sole Society | Tan from Debenhams | Neon pink from GAP

Jewels: Muted pink from Accessorize | Tan/green from kate spade | Mint/yellow from Forever21 | Green stone from Urban Outfitters

Home: Black/white from Stray Dog Designs | White saucer from Juliska | Coral dish from Urban Outfitters | Mint jar from World Market

Woah, Tuesday came with a vengeance! How’s your week going so far? Is your brain still in vacation land or are you on real vacation? If you’re the latter, consider me green with envy. Also, I’m giving you the side eye, but the nice kind of side eye that may or may not be misinterpreted as a wink ; )

I don’t even know what that means.

Hey, why don’t we chat about this scalloped business. It’s delightful.

I love the feminine detail, the smattering of vintage, and the girlishness of it all. If you want to toughen it up a bit, just add leather like those leather shorts or the peplum top (two trends in one,  if you dare!).

Oh and that coral dish is begging to be cuddling two scoops of decadent ice cream even though Urban Outfitters tries to market it as jewelry storage. Also a good idea, but not as good as ice cream. Duh. If you grew up in the 90s, you would pronounce that as doyyyy.

‘Member that?

If you were born in the 90s, all I can say is…WOAH! Joey style. But you might not get the reference and I feel sad for that. If you do get that reference then you are officially the coolest 15-year old and you should have your own show on the Disney Channel.

My goodness, this post is going off the rails real fast, but since Amanda quoted Ferris Bueller in her last post, I feel like it gives me a free pass to say and do what I want. (I’m simultaneously drafting an apology email to Amanda.)

Back to our original topic. What do you think of scalloped detailing? Do you like it paired with leather or lace? Is this a trend you’d love to see stay or hope fades away? We’d love to hear your fashion thoughts and opinions and favorite Blossom episodes in our comments.



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