What to Wear to a Polo Match & How to Pack the Perfect Picnic

Polo and Picnicing

Inspired by the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, Erin and I decided to drag our husbands to attend a polo match and plan a picnic RTC style (aka on a budget).  Where, you ask? Portsmouth, Rhode Island – home to the Newport International Polo Series.  The grounds here are pristine and the weather totally cooperated. Score!

Just look at this gorgeous tree-lined road… and the fabulous Miss Erin.

tree lined road

Wondering what to wear to a polo match? Ladies, a maxi skirt/dress with flat sandals or flip-flops are perfect options.  Bring a floppy hat, too.  Not only are they chic, they’re functional.  Mine kept me cool and free from sunburn on my face & shoulders.  Guys, you can get away with wearing anything (funny how that’s usually the case). Come to think of it, if you are a single guy looking for a lady friend, head to a polo match!  The female to male ratio is totally in your favor. Oh, and don’t forget your sunscreen!

polo looking at field fixing hats

Erin: Skirt from Express | T-Shirt from The Gap (old) | Hat from TJ Maxx (similar option)
Amanda: Dress TJ Maxx (similar from Target) | Hat from TJ Maxx (alternative from Wetseal)

Packing the perfect picnic is a cinch!   Include food you love to nibble on/devour!  Before the match, Erin and I stopped by Whole Foods to pick up sandwiches, sparkling water, cheese, fruit and artisan cookies (we like snacks).  You can be as formal or informal as you’d like at an event like this.  Don’t be afraid to bring your fine china or crystal.  I was impressed by a woman whose table was set with fresh flowers and a linen tablecloth.

picnic collage

How adorable are the paper straws?  Love them.  But yeah, they get soggy after a while.

Um, when does the game start?  One of my awesome coworkers suggested we arrive at the field a couple of hours early.  Advice taken.  The only problem… We arrived, errrr, 4 hours early.  Whoops!  No worries, it gave us ample time to set up the picnic.  We packed champagne and beer in a cooler.  Since we had time to waste, we chatted and sipped champagne in the sunshine.

The game started with little fanfare and the national anthem.  Polo is a charming sport, and the horses are so pretty.  I aptly named my favorite super cute horse Lady Pink Socks.

polo pink socks R

Polo Collage

Three chukkas (and 5 hours) later, halftime had arrived.  At a polo match, halftime is FUN; everyone goes out on the field to stomp down the divots created by the horses.  Erin and I couldn’t resist participating in the tradition!

on the field 2

We left beautiful Portsmouth after our stomp fest.  What a relaxing afternoon it turned out to be!  Our day wasn’t over, though.  We made a couple of stops in Newport.  Wait until you see what we were up to… More to come on that later!  When is the last time you went on a picnic?



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