Fashion Face-Off: Polka Dot Shorts

Polka dot shorts, styled two ways

Shorts: Indigo dot short from J.Crew | Similar from The Limited

Amanda’s Ensemble: top from H&M | earrings from J.Crew | sunnies from H&M | handbag from Target | cuff from Pink Mascara | nail polish from Amazon | sandals from Nordstrom

Erin’s Ensemble: t-shirt from J.Crew | scarf from Sole Society | hat from Old Navy | rings from Armani Exchange| clutch from Gap (sold out); similar from DSW| flats from asos | Icy cold coffee, yum

Fashion Face-Off is a fresh new RTC series and we’re head over heels in love with the fun of it all. Every so often, Amanda and I will choose an item to style and then battle it out to see who’s the ultimate warrior. It’s like the GUTS of fashion.

Just kidding. There are no losers in Fashion Face-Off. And we wouldn’t be caught dead in those neon bike shorts.

We’re a little obsessed with polka dots up in here & we were inspired by Amanda’s super chic DIY hand-painted spot art so this week we’ve chosen to style these cute indigo dot shorts by J.Crew. Who have since decided to go and get themselves sold out. Grrr.

Story of our lives.

But on a lighter note, we’re excited shorts are cool again.

We hope you enjoy this new series as much as we do!



2 thoughts on “Fashion Face-Off: Polka Dot Shorts

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