A Dress Fit for a Champagne Tasting

Champagne Tasting Outfit Inspiration

save: dress from Dorothy Perkins (sold out, sad face!) | earrings from kate spade | clutch from H&M | shoes from asos
splurge: champagne flute from Bloomingdales | cocktail ring from kate spade

This dress gives us the happies.

We’re drinking in its elegant structure and soft coral hue. It’s a perfect frock for a champagne tasting, a summer wedding or perhaps both. Yes,  both. It’s decided. This dress will get lot’s of mileage this season.

We’ve paired this lovely, affordable outfit with varying shades of blue and some accents of gold for a colorful and perhaps unexpected surprise. Also, notice the flats. Because wobbling around on a pair of heels after an evening of sipping the bubbly does not a lady make.

Recycle the dress and clutch for a chic summer wedding ensemble by swapping out the flats for some nude or neon yellow opened-toes heels and a big statement necklace.

A solid-print dress with minimal detailing opens up a world of possibilities for a girl on a budget, especially if you love baubles and accessorizing as much as we do.


UPDATE: The dress from Dorothy Perkins sold out before we published this post, but don’t fret, here are some worthy alternatives: Neon pink skater dress from Dorothy Perkins | Bardot tunic from Topshop | Jersey skater dress from Nordstrom | Peplum from Yoox


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