Going Beyond the Registry: Baby Shower Gifts That Will Melt Your Heart

Classic Baby Shower GiftsClassic Baby Shower Gifts 2

Pull Toy | Stuffed Animal | Shoes (Clockwise 1, 2, 3, 4) | Blankets (a major splurge) & a possibly prettier, less expensive alternative

Hello, there!  RTC has been on hiatus for quite some time, but I’m sure all is still well with the internets.  I have a major issue with unfinished business–it makes my jaw clench.  Big time.  I put this post together over a year ago, and I suppose no harm will come out of hitting the publish button today!

If your summer agenda is filled with showering an expecting mom with gifts, consider including a Jellycat stuffed animal in that snazzy gift bag.  They’re plush, little baby-buddies that are well worth the price.  Every infant I come into contact with gets one!  It’s an official rule.

That’s all.  I suddenly feel the tension melting away from my jaw.

May 14th, The Greatest Day on Earth

Happy Birthday, Amanda!

On this day, a beautiful baby girl named Amanda was born. And the world became a little kinder, a little funnier, and a whole lot brighter.

On the day we met, our souls did the Electric Slide towards each and they haven’t stopped dancing like awkward suburban white girls since.

We are both the same and different, which makes our friendship work. Since meeting her, I’ve finally acquired a taste for tea, given yoga a second-try, laughed til I couldn’t breathe on several occasions, and gained confidence in myself.

If you have an Amanda in your life, consider yourself blessed. If you’re not sure, here are some signs you do:

  • you’ve had a 30-minute conversation about how donuts are the new cupcakes
  • you wore the same exact outfit to an event and didn’t change
  • you got the giggles in a fancy establishment after one glass of champagne (seriously, just one glass. you shared it)
  • she shares with you her darkest secrets. Like the time she shoveled the driveway in red lipstick

To my dear friend Amanda, you are my favorite forever friend. I wish you the happiest and most special day.


The One Spring Trend I’m Not On Board With. Yet.

Zara "leather sandals with buckles"

Image Source: Zara

The blouse is beautiful. The stretch denim is literally God’s gift to fashion. But the sandals, oh the sandals. (You can’t see me but I’m scrunching my nose in a way that says, I don’t know what to…I just don’t know.)

Zara calls these Birkenstock look alikes their “leather sandals with straps.” They sure are.

I guess the black isn’t that bad? But then again, this model has legs for days and who knows how much Photoshop was done on her pretty little feet. Can we see a before picture?

I think the fashion world is pulling a fast one on us ladies with short legs. I can’t even imagine accentuating my already too-wide feet. Do you think they’ll make these in a wedge for a little booty lift? Oh good grief, please say they don’t.

I have to admit, I had a similar reaction when skinny jeans first burst onto the scene circa 2006/2007. I was all, mmmmm not so much. Oh and Uggs! When I first saw a girl crossing the quad on my college campus wearing the atrocities we call comfort, I stared at her for an embarassingly long while. And although I survived my 20s without ever owning a pair, I’ve most certainly embraced the skinny pant with all my heart.

So who knows, maybe this trend will grow on me? For now, the fashion jury is still out.




Spring-Worthy Looks That Prove Peplum is Here to Stay

Spring-Worthy Looks That Prove Peplum Is Here to Stay

red cherry peplum / floral dress / cobalt blue dress / floral top / skater skirt / short sleeved top

Every time I see a celeb sporting a peplum number — like Jennifer Lawrence’s red Oscar dress — I’m overjoyed. It’s a good sign that the trend will continue onward and upward. *Mini round of applause for trends that last years not months*

Choose a beautiful, soft shade of pink or a cropped floral top in the shape of the season and your spring is made! Skirts are having a peplum moment as well. The trick to pulling off a peplum skirt is to elongate your legs by having the skirt sit high on your hips and then hit the pavement in a nice pair of heels.

A beautifully fitted peplum blouse, styled with some light denim, is a chic twist on a ‘Saturday-afternoon-excursion-into-the-city’ jeans and T outfit. Paired with some comfy, broken-in flats and a beauty look that says, I’m well rested, and you’ll be the toast of the town.

Cheers to you, fashionista.

Keeping it Together: 4 Busy Girl Essentials

busy girl essentials 1busy girl essentials 2

Water Bottle | Makeup | Planner | Pillow Cases

How many of you are super busy, over-scheduled, and slightly delirious?  Raise your hand if you are so busy that you have no idea why in the world you’re even reading this blog post.  I feel for you.  There are times when I feel like a slight (read: MAJOR) disaster, too. Oh, but you’d never know it – my game face is good.  And frankly, I’ve become a master of my busy schedule. BUT, I am absolutely, positively, undeniably lost without the following essentials:

Water.  You need hydration to stay alert and maintain your pretty glow.  Water.  Water.  Don’t forget your water!  And when you get home, wash and reuse.  No more wasting money on plastic BPA springs!

Glam.  Your 5 minute makeup routine is the prettiest.  You look natural, well-kept and put together in a flash!   It’s a promise.

Plans.  The classic paper daily planner is still my BFF – even in the digital age.  I make adjustments to mine 2 hours before bed and again in the morning.

Sleep.  If you can do one thing for yourself: get a good night’s sleep.  Every night.  Turn the lights down approximately 1 hour before bed.  Doing so will tell your brain to release melatonin (the Sandman’s favorite hormone).  Maybe one day I’ll write an entire post on the importance of sleep.  Until then, get to counting those sheep!

Running around like a turkey is only fun when you’re playing tag with your other turkey friends.  What?  I’m not sure, either.  Here’s to keeping life organized!


8 of the Web’s Best Sites for Statement Jewelry Under $30

Websites for Jewelry Under $30

Featured Jewel: Samantha necklace by JewelMint

Be the object of everyone’s envy when you walk into the next Stella & Dot party and politely refuse to pay $50 for a spikey, plastic bracelet. I promise that’s not a dig. Their merchandise is too lovely for words. I would gladly buy and wear everything from their catalogs, but I’d be forced to live out of my car and I think I’d really miss hot showers.

If you’re a bauble queen on a budget like we are, here are a few sites that might help you maintain your jewelry hoarding tendencies:

1. Jewelmint

The majority of pieces are marked $29.99, but savvy girls know that’s no deal. Just for signing up, I received a discount code to purchase two pieces for $29.99 total. Plus, the other day I also received an email announcing $10 rings and $15 earrings. Now THAT’S a price point where my inner Angela Basset can get her groove on! Also, free shipping is always a win, win.

2. Baublebar

Prices vary so I typically filter my results by “lowest price to highest” and then I stop scrolling when I hear cash register ca-chings.

3. The Limited

I adore accessories from The Limited. Great quality pieces and perfect for a feminine professional lady. Some of the necklaces start at around $50, but if you’re patient enough, everything goes on sale within a few weeks, sometimes even within days. I receive emails from The Limited and their almost daily deals are ahhhmazing. They make it worth your while to give up your sacred email address.

4. Ruche

Pretty! Vintage! For the best deals, sort your results using the “price, low to high” filter.

5. Charming Charlie

The price is all kinds of right, but the quality is questionable. Best to shop in-store so you can see the quality up-close-and-personal.

6. Nordstrom’s Juniors Department

Repeat after me: When I walk into Nordstroms, I will skip the Kate Spade counter and go straight to the Junior’s Department. Amanda and I both got our watches here and we love them! Also, I get most of my stud earrings here.

7. Forever 21

If you have the patience to shop at a Forever21 store on a Saturday or Sunday, bless your little heart. I outright refuse. No lie, I take days off from work and trek to the mall in the middle of the week just to do my Forever21 shopping in peace.

8. Francescas

*In an Oprah singsong voice* Jewelry BOGOs!!!!


3 Spring Trends I’m Most Excited to Wear

3 Spring Trends I'm Most Excited to Wear

Oh hey, we’re back. Our blog went on vacation without saying goodbye. It’s so unlike her! No postcard, no nothing! She’s terribly sorry and promises to never do it again. We cool?

The first day of Spring is this weekend, but I think it didn’t get the memo. Because it still feels pretty cold to me. My puffy jacket is heavy in the rotation and those flats in my closet are non-recognizable from the dust and cobwebs.

…the sadness continues.

One ray of light shining on our eternal winter is this: spring trends. They’re everywhere. Our friends in California are already sporting the latest warm weather tops and denim. Our favorite retail outlets are prepped and ready with their spring discount codes and promises of free shipping.

With so many styles–both old and new–how can a girl easily integrate them into her already overfloweth closet? Like we’ve said a few times here on the blog, pick one or two trends to master and master them beautifully. Here are my top picks for the spring season:

1. Deconstructed, cropped denim
Not exactly a new trend, but one I’m fully on board with for the next xx months. I’m hoping these make my somewhat tired shirts and blouses from seasons past feel brand new.

2. Conversational Ts
Sweet and sassy statements on a relaxed fitting t-shirt, hooray! I love a crisp white or a soft heather gray to tuck into the front of those new jeans. #weekendstaple

3. D’Orsay Flats
Hello sweet thangs. The pointy toe and skin baring middle make these sophisticated, but the lack of heel makes them super comfortable. Genius design, award-winning! The D’Orsay deserves an Oscar for best supporting a tired girl on the weekends.

What spring trends are you most looking forward to? A sunflower babydoll dress, florals, mixed media tops?  Something bold and colorful or simple and understated?